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Bette Davis Eyes!

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your face, and the first to show signs of aging? They will give it away if you are tired, sick, or even feeling a little blue. As the saying goes, They are the windows to the soul. With so much non-verbal communication that goes on with our eyes and now with all of us wearing masks, the eyes are ever so center stage. Many people tend to neglect this area and do not treat it with the specific ingredients needed. Lets have a look at some of the common issues and see what can be done.

1) Dark Circles & Eye Bags:

They are two different issues and are the most complained about from clients.

Dark circles can be from a number of culprits. Pigmentation under the eye can reflect hormones, sun, & genetic factors. Vascular issues will show a more reddish/purple color. Factors include allergies, lack of sleep, kidney issues, & medication. Eye bags happen due to time, age, & genetics. Over time the ligaments behind the eye begin to weaken, this causes the fatty tissue behind the ligament to fall foward, creating that sagging blugging apperance. Lymphatic fluid can build up and collect in this area too.

2) Other Culprits:

Blue light energy from our phones, computers, & tablets can cause damage. They create inflammation & weakened skin elastcity. Squinting at that screen will also begin to create those fine lines around the eyes.

Not remeoving your eye makeup at bedtime is also a big NO NO. Repeatedly doing this will create lasting damge. Our body is designed to repair when we sleep. Sleeping with makeup on does not let the skin breath. It will clog the hair follices and oil glands resulting in bacteria on the skin and inflammation.

3) Prevention is key:

1) Get your rest.

2) Sleep with your head elevated.

3) Avoid sodium induced foods & to much alcohol.

4) Create a nightly cleansing routine.

5) NO to smoking ( inhibits circulation).

6) Use a separate cream/serum specified for the eye area.

7) It is never to early to start using an eye cream!

4) Soutions:

Using an eye cream with the correct ingredients! Peptides are fantastic, there are many different types that are in eye products. Some that inhibit muscle contraction preventing formation of fine lines & wrinkles, imporve firmness and tone, and even help circulation. Antioxidants to prevent the destruction of collagen and strengthen support tissue. Herbs also can be in formulations to be anti-inflammatory and soothing. When applying the eye cream there are little techniques that can be performed to help with product absorbtion and lymp movement.

We carry Circada Full Circle Day/ Night Formula, Circaida emercancy eye lift, & Susnhine botanicals O2 eye serum. I have found wonderful results with them all. Your eyes will thank you for the attention.

For more information on the eye creams mentioned send an email to

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