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Fall back in love with your skin.......

This is the month that we get back into more of a routine that will follow most of us till next summer. We are done with our beach vacations and our weekends at the pool, and that big yellow sun!!!! As enjoyable as it may have been, it has left most of y'all's skin looking a bit in distress. Dehydrated, inflamed, & left with visible pigmentation.

Ekkk....what to do.....

1) Book a professional facial. Not only will you be getting a treatment designed for your skins needs, i.e., hydration, pigmentation,

A professional skincare treatment can help correct all of these skin conditions.

you will get guided advice on what you should be using on a daily basis to get your skin looking top notch! All from a professional, not google, not your neighbor, or an Instagram blogger who likes Kylie Jenner.

2) Drink water. Yes, hydrate! Our bodies are made up of 55 to 78% water and we need that hydration so all of our organs can keep going. That includes our biggest got it...our skin!!!! Start hydrating every morning with a 6-8 oz. glass of room temperature water. It's a great wake up call to your body. Once you start hydrating I promise you will see a decrease in fine lines & puffy eyes.

3) Exfoliate...okay so this goes with book a professional facial, but what about the skin on your body, not just you face and neck? If you are over 40 then it is taking anywhere from 28-42 days for your cells to turnover, meaning the average time for skin to create new skin cells. With that being said, we have been in the sun all summer and damaging our skin with the suns rays, and most everyone needs some help shedding that old skin! Body Treatments are a fantastic way to achieve this. Salt glows & sugar scrubs are wonderful exfoliates for the body and then add a hydrating moisturizer. Your skin will love you!

The above are just a few simple things I wanted to share with you on how to get that beautiful skin I know you would like to achieve. Now its up to you. Are you going to act on any of these? I hope so, your skin will be very appreciative of your love.

Love the skin your in!!!!

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