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How stress affects your skin...

Before I start on how stress affects your skin, I want you take 3 deep breaths......okay now lets begin.

Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin much more reactive and sensitive. It will also delay any issues within the skin that involves healing. Our skin is regulated by hormones and during that flight or fight response this will cause a shift in our endocrine gland production, creating issues. 1) Dullness: Cell turnover rate is decreased resulting in dull, shallow skin. 2) Congestion: Stress makes your muscles tense & stiff, making blood flow restricted. Backing up the flow of nutrients & oxygen. Skin will become congested and look lifeless. 3) Breakouts: When you get anxious or upset this stimulates your sebaceous glands (oil). Pores get blocked and this will help create pimples. 4) Sensitive: Cortisone production that has increased suppresses the immune system. Chemicals and pollutants can attack the skin, creating the irritation & redness. 5) Wrinkles & loss of elasticity: All the above, chronic stress causes a disruption at a cellular level, creating havoc.

Okay, so what are you suppose to be doing about stress? Stress is unavoidable in our day to day life, it is just how you respond to situations. Stress can be worse when we have a negative outlook on anything. How we look at the world is how we are going to respond.

Here are several ways to help:

Exercise, take a walk, yoga, breathe, massage, facials, aromatherapy, take a bubble bath, talk with a loved one, meditate, go outside and be with God. There are more things you can do for stress relief, these are just a few examples. You can not feel guilty to take time for yourself. Take 10- 15 minutes a day and just relax & breathe:)

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