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Self Restore at The Lavender Bar

What is Self Restore?  According to Websters dictionary:  'to bring back into existence, use, or the like; back to original, or normal condition.     Seems to me that almost everyone of us can use a little bit of self restoration.   As the kids all start going back to school this month and we fall into a new routine, we should start to think about how we can implement some steps to self care that will become our daily habits.  Listed below are a few techniques that will help you to start with restoring & rejuvenating yourself.  *Exercise, this can be anything that gets you moving and off the couch.  A walk after dinner, at lunch, or in the morning.  You pick what fits best for you.  Being outside also creates even more of a heath benefit.  Find one that brings you joy.

*Journaling/practicing gratitude, writing down what your day has been like,  your dreams, or what you are truly grateful for, are all things that will keep a positive mind. * Drink water & adequate sleep! *Turn off the phone and computer , 2 hours before bedtime & stay off of social media. *Declutter your house, start with one room or area at a time.  Work for 15mins and take a break then so on, you will be surprised how much you will get done.  When you have a clean and organized space if makes your mind more at peace.  * Write down your goals and tasks for the week and follow see them through. *Make a ritual for yourself every week.  It could be a bubble bath with candles,  & herbal tea .  It can be once a week or several times a week.  

You get the idea.  Its all about taking time to make your mind a better place to live!  That's why we love what we do here at the spa.  We get to make people feel better!   I love the fact that I am apart of some people's self care ritual every month. 

We are having a Self-Restore Sunday on August 25th at the Spa from 2-4.  Wine & light refreshments.    *Stress in the skin   (what we can do to reduce,repair, and prevent.)    * Yoga and deep breathing   * Life coaching    * Nutrition   We will have an invite on Facebook to RSVP. 

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