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The Missing Link in Corrective Skincare

Plesae read this wonderful article by one of my mentors, Emily Fritchey.

Over the years I have seen and treated almost every skin condition you can imagine, from cystic acne to blotchy, sun damaged skin, chemotherapy and radiation damage that cancer patients experience, the redness of Rosacea, hormonal skin imbalances, breakouts, and congested pores. These are enough to drive anyone batty trying to figure out what to use and how to correct these issues. Every day we are bombarded with glitzy marketing information about the latest and greatest serum, device, potion or lotion that will be “THE” solution to clear and resolve these conditions, usually resulting in marginal results that never seem to fully correct the problem in a lasting way. Thus, the revolving door of trail and error continues in the search for a solution. I am amazed to see how people have been trained to think about skin care by the beauty industry – we reach for corrective topicals and aggressive procedures (and medical intervention) to clear problem skin, and bypass the most important step of all – cleansing and detoxification! Without deeply purging the skin of impurities, congestion and cellular waste the body eliminates daily – not to mention the daily accumulation of environmental pollutants and cosmetics, the truth is – unless the skin is deeply detoxified, NOTHING is able to penetrate into the skin in order to be effective. Period. I am also stunned that acne clients who have come to me “as a last resort” when medical treatments have failed are cleared so quickly, simply by addressing the neglected step in basic skin care. CLEANSING! Recently a young man came to my office who had been on topical and internal drug therapy for years to clear his problem skin, however I learned that no one had ever actually touched his skin, much less told him to cleanse his skin – much less with what. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and the picture and testimonial below is proof positive that cleansing the skin correctly with the appropriate ingredients for the condition is the most corrective and important part of any skin treatment program.

What You Never Knew About Cleansing…

Research shows that American women spend an average of 15 seconds, once a day, cleansing their skin. This all too brief regimen removes surface layers of make up, at best. Skin cells begin to build up, pores clog and blotchiness begins to occur. In addition, unless the skin is deeply and thoroughly cleansed, this cellular build up prevents active skin care products from penetrating into the skin to bring about the desired changes.

The truth is, if you cleanse your skin properly, many skin problems clear themselves! Effective cleansing is crucial and is the foundation of all effective treatment programs.  The Goal: cleanse, purify and decongest. How? Double cleanse! Why? The results are astounding!!

Truth be told, there are some nights we’re lucky to clean our face at all… (we know, we know.) After a full and busy day, the idea of double-cleansing can seem like a bit of a stretch. But, just like you’d have to give a particularly messy dish a quick rinse before it’s loaded into the dishwasher, using a plant and oil-based pre-cleanser can serve as that extra bit of elbow grease that ensures our regular washing routine can really get the job done.

The fact is, it takes an oil to dissolve an oil – and the waxy sebum that is excreted from the pores gets stuck, and the pores begin to stretch and enlarge. Our double cleanse method will instantly melt makeup, dissolve excess skin oils, remove environmental toxins and surface debris – thus allowing your usual daily skin cleanser to penetrate deeper and detoxify the skin much more thoroughly than ever before, often clearing the very problem you most want to resolve! The oil dissolving, anti-pollution and detoxifying properties of our PreCleanse & Detox digs deep into pores to soften, dissolve and lift dead skin cells, hardened oils and plugs, environmental toxins and debris for easy removal – all the while infusing the skin with much-needed nourishment. Helps skin to really “BREATHE”… you can feel and see the difference with the first use.

“How To” Strategy:

Without adding water, massage a generous amount of PreCleanse & Detox into face, neck and eye area for a full 60 seconds to effectively remove make-up and surface debris prior to deep cleansing your skin.  Remove by wiping it off with a warm washcloth or cleansing sponges and wipe away all residue, then follow with your primary cleanser for optimal skin detoxification results.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this article feel free to reach out at 678-765-7055 or


Jennifer Carpenter L.E, C.N.H.P

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