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Wash your face girl!

Updated: Jan 19

I love vintage things, especially anything related to beauty & cosmetics. They are fun, pretty, and some actually do hold relevance. This add tells you that experts recommend regular and through cleaning with soap and water to rid the pores of makeup and city grime! It has the right idea, but a little misleading. While we do want to clean our face daily, we do not want strip our skin.....more on that in a minute.

I know you are thinking well duh...why are you telling me to wash my face? Well that's because a lot people are doing it the wrong way. Yes, there is a wrong way you can wash your face.

1) Using the incorrect cleanser. Not all cleansers are created equally. Ingredients are key factors. Depending on your skin type & condition you need the correct cleanser with the appropriate ingredients to help clean your skin properly without striping your natural lipid barrier, doing so can create a dehydrated and inflamed skin. Avoid cleansers containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate, both are known surfactants that will strip and irritate the skin.

2) Our skin has a PH level that we need to respect when cleansing it. A healthy skin is anywhere between a 4.5-5.7. Most cleansers are at or slightly below that to mimic to natural PH. As a consumer you will not find the PH labels on boxes, this is where you trust that the manufacturer you are purchasing from has a high quality performing product that will not cause harm to the skin. This is where you should get advice from a skin professional.

3) Please avoid the wipes!!! Most of the facial wipes do a poor job at really cleaning the skin and are full of harmful chemicals. I have seen many clients using these in place of an actual cleanser.

4) Please clean your skin every night, it's the largest organ of your body and it deserves some TLC. I know we are all guilty of going to bed without washing our face, but if you feel like it is an issue, then when you get home and change your clothes, go ahead and take care of your skin right then and be done with it. Create a good habit with taking care of your skin. You just have to find what works for you.

Cleaning your skin with a good cleanser is setting the stage for the rest of your skincare routine. If you are not properly cleaning then everything else you place on your face is not going to get to do what its suppose to placing a $100 serum on your skin...after using a not so great cleanser.......does not make sense. How is that serum going to do what it's responsible for doing when 9xs out of 10 your skin is dehydated?

Lets get cleaning........:)

Love your skin~


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